Website Marketing

Web Marketing Strategies

The market segments you are aiming for will determine the focus of your Web Marketing Plan as well as the emphasis you give to different media. The content and balance of your media mix will vary depending on the demographic you are trying to reach. Primary emphasis should be given to the marketing outlets that seem most natural to the market population you are trying to reach.

Also leave time and budget to test out other market media and market population segments.

Sometimes you will be very pleasantly surprised at your success of reaching out to new markets which you had not considered.

Email is a powerful, often overlooked, marketing tool. Every page of your Website should have a small box where visitors may enter their email address to join your mailing list. Effective Email Strategies explains how to successfully build and maintain a mailing list and convert it into an effective, profitable marketing tool.

If you are marketing to professionals and executives Linkedin is a great venue to get out your message.

See sidebar for more on-site web marketing and off-site web marketing ideas.